FIC Contractors of the Local Floor Layers Union 1310 receive the best training curriculum in the Industry, the INSTALL program.


15% Classroom Training

In the classroom, instructors certified by the state of Missouri train contractors in the areas of, ceramic, hardwood, carpet, and resilient flooring.


85% On the Job Training

The best learning experiences come from hands on, real life work. By working under journey level contractors, students begin putting their classroom training to use in the field.

"What impresses me the most about our students is their eagerness to learn. They do not want to just know how; they want to know why. It is great to start out with a natural aptitude for the mechanics of the trade, but in the end it is a desire to learn and continuously improve that sets many of our apprentices above and beyond the average young employee. I believe that the union floor layer is given a reason to feel invested in the idea of the brotherhood. I truly admire the training program’s focus on the betterment of its members."

- Brian Manning, Instructor

"We currently have 247 apprentices perusing their career in Floor Laying. These students will earn up to 6,000 hours of training and 18 units of schooling within our Apprentice training program. Our curriculum also requires OSHA and ICRA safety training."

- Dwayne Anderson, Instructor
Quality Training Supported by the Flooring Industry

FIC Contractors achieve four to six years of classroom and on-the-job training of ever-evolving INSTALL curriculum designed to teach foundational basics and keep flooring installers up to date with cutting-edge trends, technologies, and techniques.


Trained to install,
sand and stain
hardwood flooring.


Trained to install ceramic, porcelain and natural
stone flooring.


Trained to measure,
cut and install


Trained to install natural and synthetic resilient flooring.

Founded in 1881, the Carpenters Regional Council 1310 is one of the oldest and best labor unions in the nation.

The Floor Layers Joint Apprentice Program is the exclusive training program for Union 1310 Floor Layers.

INSTALL Curriculum teaches core skills, theory and practice, for proper floor preparation, installation and finishing procedures.

Skilled Labor On Tap

FIC Union Flooring companies never have to resort to an employment agency, there is always a pool of skilled labor available.

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