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products at a reasonable
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Be certain your flooring
contractor displays the FIC emblem.

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industrial, municipal, new residential,
and residential remodel/replacement markets.

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The Flooring Industry Council of Greater St. Louis

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The contractor members of the Flooring Industry Council of Greater St. Louis (FIC) are committed to providing customers the highest quality installation of the finest flooring products at a reasonable, competitive cost. When working with an FIC contractor, you are in contact with a professional whose primary concern is the quality installation of your flooring. Their commitment to excellence assures customer satisfaction with a job done on time and within budget. Be certain your flooring contractor displays the FIC emblem. The Flooring Industry Council is an organization providing support to those firms which employ the INSTALL craftsmen of Floor Layers Local 1310.

International Standards & Training Alliance

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INSTALL stands for International Standards & Training Alliance - the floorcovering industry's most comprehensive professional installer training program in the United States and Canada.

INSTALL brings together the best of both worlds: local floorcovering professionals who understand the St. Louis construction market, supported by North America's most comprehensive floorcovering training program, derived from major manufacturers' specifications.

The biggest names in the floorcovering industry support INSTALL. One hundred and four leading floorcovering manufacturers- including Armstrong, Johnsonite, Orcon, Pergo, and Shaw endorse INSTALL.

The floorcovering arm of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, INSTALL-the International Standards and Training Alliance-has quickly become the industry standard for training skilled, qualified floorcoverers.


INSTALL apprentices complete a four-year training program before joining the existing 13,000+ professional floorcovers of the UBC.


An international labor-management committee steers curriculum based on current industry trends and labor needs – identified by working closely with top industry manufacturers.


Quality work produces fewer complaints and customer callbacks, and less material waste – work that is the product of standardized testing for all INSTALL professionals. You can rely on any INSTALL-trained craftsman to produce the same excellent work, anywhere, anytime.


Twenty five training sites are available to train INSTALL professionals. INSTALL instructors remain on the cutting edge of emerging technology through the UBC’s International Training Center in Las Vegas.

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